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Cheap Family Fun is a web site for all those families who love to travel but are on a tight buget!  Our family managed to find creative ways to see the places we wanted to see (and stay within our budget) as we were growing up. In todays world we have all had to learn how to be more creative to achieve our travel goals! Other families, similar to ours inspired us to start this site!  In short, it's a one-stop resource site for traveling with kids on the cheap!

There are lots of sites available for folks who have the means to travel in comfort with their families and there's lots of sites available for the individual with wanderlust who can backpack across continents at a time on less money than most folks spend in a week, but ...

I couldn't find anything for families -- folks with kids (whether they be traditional or combined families, single-parents, grandparents, foster-parents, guardians, aunts, uncles, ANYONE caring for kids) -- where we could all get together and share ideas, advice, and resources for not only saving money, but pinching pennies tightly while enjoying safe, kid-friendly getaways.

In short, if you have kids and a burning desire to see every corner of the United Sates, but not much in the wallet ... THIS IS YOUR SITE!  I've assembled a multitude of Products and Services right here in one location to help you find the best deals for the most memorable family events you can imagine (some you don't even have to leave home for).

I used to spend hours researching ways to see places, get there cheap, save money once there, but not sacrifice safety or comfort for the kids.  I've combined what I've learned here in one easy location -- everything from luggage and camping gear to travel games, accommodations and beyond.

My hope is that this will become a meeting place where other incurable travelholics with kids (and little money), like me, can come together and share ideas, experiences, and tips for getting there on a dime and actually having a memory-building experience no matter how near or far!

By the way, I have a personal goal of keeping this site centered in traditional family values, even though my family is somewhat non-traditional itself.  If, at any time, you feel that any link or item on this web site fails to meet that standard, please notify us right away!

You'll notice that we have pages offering suggestions for family-friendly vacation spots to visit.  If EVER you'd like to find other families interested in group travel to a specific location in order to save money, let us know -- we'll toss the idea out and see who is game.  You can for sure save big bucks this way!

Need ideas on getting somewhere and staying there CHEAP, let me know and I'll do my best to help get you the resources you need!  I LOVE doing this so don't ever feel like you're bothering me, okay?

REMEMBER ... Cheap Family Fun is an ongoing work-in-progress! 
Check back often for updates and additions!


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