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Every time I get ready to go somewhere, I find there's some little detail of information I need to find.  It can be anything from, "Well, if it's this time in Virginia, what time is it in Minnesota?" to "I wonder if there's an ATM close to our hotel?"

Or, it could be passport questions, or wondering what the weather is going to be like or what construction headaches I may encounter ...

Anyway, Cheap Family Fun has pulled all these little nuggets out of our "Favorite Places" folder and put them neatly in one location for you:

"A Safe Trip Abroad" by the U.S. State Department -- It's always a good idea to check out this site before traveling abroad.

Adventure Cycling Association -- We're also avid cyclists in our family and we like the great tidbits of info we find here. Our bikes are always hanging off the back of the van when we travel.

American Hiking Society -- Great resource for the avid hiker/backpacker in the family.

Auto Safety Hotline -- Good idea to check here often if you travel by personal vehicle a lot.

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute -- Again, if you're an avid cyclist, this is a great site to refer to. Different states have different laws concerning helmets and bicycle safety equipment. Kids hate to wear them, but you could end up with a fine in some areas for not having them on the kiddo's head.

CDC Travelers' Health Information & Alerts -- Especially when traveling overseas, be sure to check here first for updates on health warnings (such as SARS).

Child Passenger Safety -- Laws vary from state-to-state. Stay up-to-date and in-the-know for keeping your wee ones safe while on the road.

Clothing and Shoe International Size Conversion Chart -- This site is especially helpful when you're purchasing outdoor apparel. Often, these products are manufactured overseas and are sized by the system used in the country of manufacture.

Comprehensive National Park Information and Recommendations -- This is another site I JUST LOVE. I always recommend visiting this site before hitting the great outdoors by any method or means.

Cruise Critic-- I've never been on a cruise, but this site is highly recommended by a lot of friends as a great source for the true skinny on all the options.

Currency Converter -- Please be sure to visit this site before you visit outside your homeland. Understanding the currency conversion can help save a lot of costly mistakes.

Currency Converter -- This one can be printed in wallet size for you to take on your trip with you.

Current U.S. Weather Conditions + State-by-State Weather Condition Listings-- Be sure to check here before you go so you'll know what to expect from Mother Nature.

Embassies -- If you're traveling out of the country, please, please, please always be sure you know where your closest Embassy is if you need them. It's a good idea to let them know, in advance, that you'll be in the area. Plus, you can often find a lot of great advice on these sites that'll help make your stay much more enjoyable.

Family Travel Guide -- Great source for helping to find affordable, family-friendly travel destinations.

FEMA's Guide to Citizen Preparedness -- This is a great informational and educational web site. It can offer some real confidence in feeling prepared and knowledgeable in a worst-case scenario.

Find the State Tourism Web Sites for all 50 US States By Clicking Here-- Just click on the state you want to visit and you'll be blessed with all the information you could possibly hope for.

Foreign Entry Requirements -- Whether you have a relative coming here or you're planning to go there, everything you need to know for what the requirements are for coming into or traveling out of the country.

International Traffic Safety Issues -- If you plan to rent a car in or take your own to another country, it's a good idea to check this site first for valuable information before you go.

Kid Road Trip Survival Guide -- Fun and informative.

Kids Travel Tips -- Some fun and educational sites I've compiled for the kids to enjoy.

Medical Information for Americans Traveling Abroad -- Wondering what shots, if any, you need to have before you go?

National Center for Bicycling and Walking -- Great resource for those who love to both bike and hike.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration -- Stay up-to-date on helpful information that can save you some real headaches with your personal vehicle.

National Weather Service -- Another great source to staying in the know on Mother Nature's plans to make sure they coincide with your's As you know, she always wins!

Online Conversions -- Convert Just About Anything!

Outside Online -- Awesome resource for the outdoor adventurer.

Overseas Security Advisory Council -- Be sure to check here before traveling abroad.

Passports -- Need a Passport? This is your source for all the info you need.

Passports Made Easy -- This info is broken down to help you get through the process stress-free (or as close as possible)!

Print Passport Applications -- Get the forms you need here.

Printable Checklists -- They've put together a helpful checklist to help you prepare and get organized for just about anything. from the US Department of Homeland Security -- The official web site for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with current notices and warning levels.

Road Construction Updates & Maps -- These maps can be modified to target your specific destination. It's always helpful to check this site before hitting the road and finding out your traditional travel route is under construction.

Send Money with Western Union -- Loved one stranded with no bucks? Western Union is always there to help.

Teaching Novices How to Fish -- I love to fish 'cuz I find it very relaxing, but I'm not real good at it so, if you're like me, you're always looking for tips and advice.

Time Zones -- Figure out the time difference between here and there wherever and whenever you plan to travel.

Today's Travel Forecast for Major Cities Across the Nation -- City-specific weather information.

Traffic Safety & Occupant Protection -- Good stuff to know and stay up-to-date on -- especially when kids are involved.

Travel Tips from Rand McNally To Help Improve Your Safety, Preparation, Comfort, and Enjoyment

Travel Warnings and Advisories-- Make sure you know it's safe or how to best prepare well before you book!

Traveling Abroad with Children -- Good advice from the CDC for traveling with children.

Travelers' Health -- More good advice from the CDC.

USA Cycling Organization -- Another great site for those who love cycling and just can't get enough of it.

U.S. Customs -- The official U.S. Customs web site -- filled with all the info you'll need on what you can and can't bring in or take out of the country.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security -- Always a good idea to check updated advisories.

U.S. Embassies and Consulates Worldwide -- Know where your local authorities and native contacts are before you leave.

Visa Services from the US Department of State -- Comprehensive info on obtaining a Visa.

Vaccinations -- Need shots before you get on the plane? Check here to be sure.

Visit Our Nation's Capitol -- Okay, I'm a little biased 'cuz I'm a DC native, but, seriously, everyone should experience the Nation's Capitol at least once in their life. This site will help you make the best of your trip.

Visit Your Legislators -- And, while you're in DC, tell your representatives how you feel!

World Clock -- Find out the current time anywhere in the world.

World Health Organization -- Check the latest health advisories and warnings worldwide.

World Tourism Offices -- Visiting abroad? Find the tourism site for every country in the world here.

Worldwide ATM Locator -- Mastercard -- Great to know before you go!

Worldwide ATM Locator -- VISA -- Great to know before you go!

Zip Code & Post Office Locator -- If you think you might need to have something shipped to you while you're away, this tool will help you find the General Delivery Zips for any U.S. location.

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