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Figuring out the best place to look for travel deals can be stressful.  That's why Cheap Family Fun has gone ahead and placed a link to Consumer's Union of USA, Inc.'s WebWatch report on online travel deals (Consumer's Union produces "Consumer Reports") to back up what we're about to tell you.

Most Internet users look through at least three sites before purchasing any type of online travel -- the builders of this site included.  In most every travel situation, Cheap Family Fun recommends checking Expedia or Travelocity first. The report linked to above does show that online travel discounters can generally net you better deals than the Sabre system used by travel agents (however we still recommend seeing what your travel agent can do for you because you just never know).

The Consumer's Union study did find that had the best deals more often than any other travel discounter ... however, if you're like us, we're not fond of "opaque" sites where you don't get to find out your itinerary until after you've paid (a site called offers advise for navigating sites like Priceline).  Expedia and Travelocity came in right behind Priceline in the report.

Anyway, we've worked hard to help you find the best-of-the-best in online travel deals and broken them down in specific travel types below:

Accommodations -- You'll find a variety of sources for saving big on campsites on this page, but you'll also find some other great surprises! Ever thought of vacationing in a Lighthouse? How about just bunking down in an airport? Maybe renting an RV? You know, sometimes staying in a Hostel or at the Y can save you even more money than camping. Explore all your great options here.

Airfare -- Again, we stick with the recommendations listed in the opening paragraph on this page, but we've also listed some of the discount airlines. You just never know what kind of awesome deal you might find on any given day.

Buses -- If you have plenty of time to get to your destination, buses can be one of the least expensive ways of all to travel. Traveling in a group on a motor coach can be one of the biggest memory builders you will ever experience. You'll find links on this page to the top sources for finding bus routes and fares across the country as well as the parent motor coach companies. Each motor coach link has a list of affiliates involved in each network. This is especially helpful if a big group of families desire to travel together and save as much money as possible. Many pre-arranged tours are availabe as well.

Cruises -- I've never been on a cruise myself -- too chicken. I hear, though, that they offer some wonderful family packages. This page links to two of the biggest online cruise discounters as well as our standard faves -- Expedia & Travelocity.

Cut to the Chase ...
There's hundreds of sites to search to find discount travel so why not make it easy on yourself? Search over 21 Travel Discount Sites (including Expedia & Travelocity) with just One Click at Cheap Family Fun's Travelogia Site! Or, download "Boarding Pass" from this link and SEARCH OVER 60 SITES with just One Click!

Dining -- Once you've figured out how you're going to get there and where you're going to stay, there's still hundreds of additional dollars that can be saved through careful planning.

Entertainment -- Save even more money by getting those tickets and planning what you will do and see well in advance.

Package Deals -- Even though we still say Expedia and Travelocity first, we're mesmerised by sites like or eBay and the tremendous package deals you can find if you're in the right place at the right time.

Rail -- Simply put, I LOVE TRAIN TRAVEL! It's so relaxing and kid-friendly! I would LOVE to work my way through Europe someday by train. In the meantime, I've found train travel in the U.S. to be inexpensive, enjoyable, safe, and great fun for the whole family.

Rental Cars -- With the right strategy, renting a car can save a huge chunk of your vacation dollars. Keep in mind that one-way travel is expensive -- especially if you plan to leave the car in a popular tourist area. I've found that, sometimes, renting a car round-trip is cheaper than driving my own vehicle, but I drive a huge van!

Students -- This site was built specifically for the student travel. I've listed it for those of you who have teens in your home who are looking for Spring Break activities or great deals for gap year.

Tours -- When hitting a city I'm not familiar with, I like to let the pros show me around to avoid headaches. Being a Washington, DC native, I know firsthand how essential it is to have a good handle on the ground transportation in your destination city well in advance!

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