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Protect Your Home While You Are Away -- Home security systems are expensive, but these folks have some offers worth taking a look at -- especially if you're away from home a lot.

Magellan's Travel Safety Gear & Supplies -- This is one of my favorite sources for making sure I'm well-prepared for anything and everything while traveling with my precious cargo -- my awesome grandbabies. These folks are truly professionals in every sense of the word and I cannot highly enough recommend their products.
For safety's sake, begin your journey at Magellan's Travel Supplies...
Anti-Bacterial Wipes
Bite Blocker
Dental Medic
Eagle Creek Parent Survival Pack 2.0
Emergency Blanket
Eon® Everlasting Flashlight
Exstream Orinoco WATER PURIFIER
Exstream Virustat Replacement Purification Cartridge
Insect Repellent Towelettes
Mitigator Sting & Bite Treatment
Oral Rehydration Solution

Potable Aqua
Repel™ Lemon Eucalyptus
Safe to Swim Strips
Sunsect Lotion
The Pod
UltraThon Repellent
Virofree Disinfectant
...Safe travel begins at Magellan's! Enjoy their entire line (from safe ways to store your cash and credit cards to safety devices for your hotel room) by clicking here.

REI -- I have found that REI consistently has the best prices and selection for all my travel, outdoor, camping gear needs.
First Aid Supplies
Freeze Dried & Ready-to-Eat Meals, Energy Drinks & Power Bars
Water Purification

Cheap Family Fun's Essential First-Aid Kit for Parents:


While there are plenty of great First-Aid Kits available on the market, most of them contain things a parent will never use!  How many of us end up with hundreds of those little circular band-aids around the house that are good for absolutely nothing?  And, really, who is going to put on a latex glove before treating their own child?


From a traveling granny who believes in traveling prepared, following is the essential list of traveling First-Aid supplies that no parent/grandparent should be without on any trip – especially to the woods.


1.   Caladryl Lotion (is a combination of Calamine and Benadryl – it dries up the pustules while relieving the itching.  An alternative is the lesser expensive Calamine Lotion combined with a generic, store-brand anti-itching cream.  This stuff is also awesome for any kind of sting.

2.   Benadryl (or store-brand) Chewable Tablets or Benadryl (or store-brand) Liquid – in case of an allergic reaction to stings or other allergens.

3.   Children’s Liquid Motrin or store-brand Ibuprofen for severe pains or fevers.

4.   At least 100 regular strip band-aids.  You can never have too many regular ol’ strip band-aids

5.   Either Neosporin or store-brand triple antibiotic ointment.

6.   Peroxide for cleaning cuts and scrapes.

7.   Sterile Gauze Pads and Hypo-Allergenic First-Aid tape for the larger knee scrapes.

8.   Alcohol for drying up water in the ears.

9.   Mineral Oil for relieving ear ache pain.

10. Aloe for sunburn and minor scrapes.

11. An all-natural bug repellent – DEET is not good for children!  There are some great options that use cedarwood, citronella, peppermint, eucalyptus and/or lemongrass instead and have been proven to be more effective (such as “Buzz Away”).

12. Disposable ice packs – the kind you just snap and they turn cold without adding ice – available in the first-aid section of any pharmacy.

13. Sunscreen with at least an SPF-30 rating or higher.

14. A roll of sterile gauze for boo-boo’s in hard-to-bandage places J.


Having these items can save you a lot of unnecessary headaches.  Use a small bin with a lid that enables you to set your bottles upright as your storage box!


Print this First-Aid list out for personal use by clicking here!




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