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Our family does A LOT of camping while traveling in a van.  In my quest to make the travel experience as pleasant as possible for the kids, and as easy as possible for me, Cheap Family Fun found the following links that we hope will help you, too:

Batteries -- there just never seems to be enough of 'em is there?!!?? I like this site because you can find every kind of battery you need, in one location, at great prices.
Batteries Not Included? Check out to find all the batteries that you'll need...

Golf, Fishing, and Other Big Kids Toys -- this link leads to another page in our site filled with great tools and resources for vacation add-ons.
Golf, Fishing, and Other Big Kid Toys

Luggage Online -- I've never used this service myself, but everyone needs something to pack their clothes in (I'm big on backpacks myself) so I did do some research to compare prices and selections among various sites and Luggage Online is very impressive:
Save on Backpacks @ Luggage Online
Save on Duffel bags @ Luggage Online
Save on Wheeled luggage @ Luggage Online

Magellan's -- I LOVE MAGELLAN'S! These folks offer an incredibly comprehensive selection of what I refer to as simple "travel comfort". They've got great tools for keeping things safe, making sure your trip is as healthy as possible, and being prepared for just about any emergency that might arise. Their stuff is great!
If you're a serious traveler, you'll appreciate Magellan's Catalog.

NPS.GOV -- this pass is truly "Golden", just like its name! If you plan to hit more than one National Park in 12 months' time, you've gotta' have one of these. It will save you a small fortune!
National Parks Pass

Outdoor Apparel -- Okay, I have to admit, I'm a Wal-Mart junkie personally, and I definitely don't look all that great in a bathing suit, but I have found the sites included on this page VERY helpful in finding the perfect outdoor apparel for whatever kind of vacation experience you choose to enjoy:
Outdoor Apparel

PETCO -- Spot, Rover, or Fifi want to have a great vacation, too! Many of us who travel bring pets along and want to make sure its a safe and healthy experience for them, too:
Keep your pet cozy with winter apparel from
PETCO Travel Center

Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) -- In my quest to keep my travel load to a minimum without sacrificing fun or comfort, all roads kept leading back to REI. I joined numerous camping/backpacking discussion groups and REI is the name that kept coming up over and over. The neat thing is, they're not just a great source for camping or backpacking ... they're a great source for all types of travel gear. They truly are a one-stop, incredible, shopping source for all your travel/camping gear needs. The really neat thing is that they have an online expert to help guide you through the best purchases for your specific travel/outdoor needs:
Gear up for camping!

Get ready for your next adventure: clothing for kids.
Gear up for travel!
Outdoor Gear on Sale at!
Top-brand outdoor gear at 20%-70% off retail

Red Wagons -- The two best travel related purchases I have ever made in my life are my Red Wagon and this tiny fold-up stroller (Umbroller) I found for $10. If I have to tie it on top, I don't go anywhere without my Red Wagon -- it's perfect for tired or tiny legs in single or multiple sets! ;-)

Skate, Ski, Surf, Swim!-- More great accessories for vacation add-ons that help to save on rental fees and ensure teens and the young-at-heart that adventure-filled rush they're looking for:
Skate, Ski, Surf, Swim!

Swiss Army
Take an additional 10% off hundreds of Swiss Army knives and watches

Totally Shades
Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Discount Prices

Your Active Pet -- Yep, someone actually developed a source for folks who travel with their pet and like to make sure their pet has as much fun as they do!
Outdoor Gear for Your Dog

Find hard to find items on eBay! -- Some of the greatest deals I've ever found have been on Ebay -- including things beyond gear (like vacation packages or train tickets). I rarely leave on any trip where I don't have something I picked up from Ebay in my van:

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Special Note:  You'll notice that you see very few banner ads in this web site,
but Camping World is one awesome site that we highly recommend.
If you love to camp, you'll love Camping World!