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Cheap Family Fun has tried to put every available option here for you on one page to make it easy to do your searching -- even some unusual, yet creative, options!.....

Did you know you can stick out your thumb and catch a ride across an ocean on an airplane? It's radical, it's a form of hitchhiking, it's called "exploratory travel", it's called AIRHITCH®! If you can grasp a few basic, simple principles (though they may be somewhat surprising!), you can structure your trip as you go...and hang onto your money for use as and when you need it -- using, if necessary, the Internet from wherever you are, to plug into and stay in touch with the worldwide community of Airhitchers for help in locating the "best deals" of the moment -- thus avoiding virtually any costly advance commitment and potentially saving yourself hundreds of bucks! -- "easyJet operates a very simple fare structure. All fares are quoted one way to allow customers the flexibility to choose where and when they would like to fly. easyJet does not stipulate any restrictions to qualify for the cheapest fares (unlike most traditional airlines who will only offer cheap flights if the customer stays a Saturday night, therefore a cheap fare will not be available for a day-return business or shopping trip). The way we structure our fares is based on supply and demand and prices usually increase as seats are sold on every flight. So, generally speaking, the earlier you book, the cheaper the fare will be. Sometimes, however, due to market forces our fares may be reduced further."

Entertainment Coupon Books -- Almost always a good resource for saving money. Discounts on Airfare

Europe by Air
Fly within Europe - It's easy and fast! The $99 FlightPass covers 150 cities in 30 European countries! See more of Europe for less! Europe by Air

Expedia -- As you've heard us say before -- we always recommend checking Expedia and Travelocity first for the best airfare deals.

Daily Travel Bargains Current Travel Deals
Weekly Travel Bargains

Miles 4 Sale -- This is an interesting service if you already have some air miles, but just need a few more to be able to make your trip:
Buy Airline Frequent Flyer Miles! Purchase frequent flyer miles as a gift for friends and associates or for your own account.
Need AAdvantage Miles? Buy the frequent flyer miles you need to reach your free airline ticket! No need to wait!
Need Delta Sky Miles? Buy the frequent flyer miles you need to reach your free airline ticket! No need to wait!
Need FlightFund Miles? Buy the frequent flyer miles you need to reach your free airline ticket! No need to wait! Get the additional frequent flyer miles you need for a free airline ticket with a click of the mouse! -- "Ryanair is the No. 1 Airline for Punctuality and Customer service Not only do you save money with Ryanair’s unbeatable fares but you also save time. Ryanair flights are on-time more than any other airline."

Sky Auctions (All Bids Start At $1) -- I love this service! It's always worth checking when you're planning a trip (and even when you're not) because you can find some unbelievable package deals:

Southwest Airlines -- The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit: Southwest Airlines

Travelocity -- It's a good bet to always check Travelocity and Expedia first when looking for airfare. Check the others on this page as well, but I highly recommend checking these two first.
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